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Academic Computing and Technology Services Section (ACTS)


  • To provide information technology (IT) facilities for general teaching, learning and research activities;
  • To explore and promote the use of most suitable IT in the University;
  • To adopt or develop IT systems that facilitate the management of teaching and living facilities in campus.


  • To study and explore the latest IT continuously;
  • To provide best suitable facilities and services to users;
  • To ensure professionalism and quality in IT services to users;
  • To facilitate the effective use of IT resources to improve the efficiency in both academic and campus management aspects.


  • Provision and support e-Learning system, explore modern teaching technology, continuously improve  the learning experience for students;
  • Provision of the HPCC and other computing facilities for learning and research purpose;
  • Adoption of IT systems to assist in daily work and the management of teaching and living facilities;
  • Maintenance of infrastructures and platforms for core administrative information systems, enhance the security for existing systems;
  • Provision of consultation service to the academic units for acquisition of IT facilities.

Section Members

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