Key Projects

Optimize the secondary data center


In order to respond to the energy-saving culture in university and environmental protection and green living strategy of the five-year development plan of Macao S.A.R. government, it is also necessary to optimize the energy performance and enhance the energy control for CRAC in the data center. Therefore,  new intelligent energy saving CRAC systems were purchase to improve the reliability and stability so as to lay the foundation for the future development of the university information technology and scientific research in the next five to ten years. The new CRAC provides enough cooling capacity in the data center to cope with the increased heat generated by the University growing demand for systems such as virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud storage, big data computing and high-performance computing clusters.

The secondary Data Center has also a series of improvements including: installation of additional Cold Aisle Containment to improve the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Set up High Performance Air Grille, Installation of power cables for Rack which support high power consumption cabinet, Set up new power distribution box.

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Target Date2018/12/31