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Tips for Travel and Off-Campus Use

Planning your trip

Do you have questions about “How can I access UM resources when out of campus? How can I protect my data during traveling”? Don’t worry! ICTO already prepares the answers for you.

You can:

We also prepared a number of tips BEFORE YOUR LEAVE and a number of recommendations for protecting your computer and data when you are out of campus.

Tips for securing your data

Security Tips

Licensed Software for Home

For the staff who would like to work on their own computers, we now provide the following licensed software:

General Tips

Accessing UM Email

You can access webmail service very easily once you have Internet connection.


By simply visiting UM web site, you can get access to most of the UM resources. If there are any restricted accesses such as Library resources or Personal email quarantined at the Secure Email Gateway, please connect your computer to the UM campus network by using SSL VPN.


eduroam service allows UM users who have UM wireless LAN account (excluding guest account) to get wireless network access using the UMPASS in any of education institutions that has joined the eduroam project around the world.

You can check if your destination has joined the eduroam or not in advance. You can also test the eduroam on our campus first. Please visit here for more details.


Jabber is an application to bring the Unified Communication services together and is accessible from anywhere on any devices. It provides the below features when you are out of office:

  • Allows you to call back to Macao for work purpose from anywhere without making distance call. (e.g. you can make a call to your colleagues when working outside Macao with your mobile client).
  • Can easily set up call forward with mobile client when you are out of office.
  • Allows you to receive calls with official extension when you are out of office.
  • Can easily find and call someone via your PC or mobile without accessing UM Phone Book.
  • Allows you to send and receive instant messages to/from your colleagues.

Please visit here for more detail.

Notebook Loaning

If you have only a desktop computer and want to take a notebook computer with you for your short official trip, you can submit a request through UM Resource Booking System. There are six notebooks ready for loaning as first come first served.


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