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Tips for Safety Use of Mobile Payment Tools

In recent years, mobile payment has become so popular that you can simply pay with your mobile phone, which makes shopping easier and more convenient! However, at the same time, did you recognize the safety when using mobile payment? Here are some tips:

  • Be careful with your belongings and mobile phone. In addition to money loss, your bank card or mobile phone wallet may also be stolen. If your ID card is lost, your personal data may also be misused;
  • DO NOT overcharge your mobile phone wallet and avoid linking a bank account with large amount to your mobile phone wallet. DO set an appropriate transaction limit, check the transaction records regularly, and change account and transaction passwords regularly;
  • Avoid using public, unknown or unsecured networks for mobile payment transactions, and avoid exposing the screen with payment QR code;
  • Beware of phishing messages, especially those involving red-pocket, special offers, money transfer requests, passwords or personal information, you must confirm the authenticity of the sender in order to avoid any loss;
  • Protect mobile devices:
    • Protect your devices with password or fingerprint;
    • Turn on the “Find Me” function and wipe feature, to avoid data loss or being stolen;
    • Make sure the operating system and application, including anti-virus protection, are updated to the latest version;
    • Do not crack your mobile phone system and avoid downloading and installing software from untrusted sites;
  • Enable SIM pin. For most mobile payment account registration, password recovery, or some online transactions, you may need to use SMS for identity verification. Using SIM pin can reduce the probability of identity theft due to SIM card loss;
  • Use the licensed mobile payment service, carefully read the terms and conditions, understand the reporting loss procedure and stolen protection policy, etc.

In case you lose your phone, please stay calm and try to use the “Find Me” function and wipe feature to locate your phone, or remotely erase your data. In addition, if necessary, please report the loss to the related bank or service provider, for example, report the loss of bank card, SIM card, and suspend the mobile phone wallet account, etc.