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2FA – Account Security under Your Control

If someone steals your account password, is there a way for your not to worry about the account being stolen? It is actually easy! It can be easily implemented by using the two-factor authentication (2FA), which allows users to control their account login. Without user’s authorization, nobody can log into the account. It takes only a few minutes to complete the setup and it is easy to use, which is a simple and efficient measure.

  • How does it work? Once you have activated two-factor authentication on your account, whenever an account login with your password comes from a different device other than the one you have already permitted, an authorization check will come to your registered smart phone. Without your approval, a password thief can never get into your account.
  • Is it difficult to set up? 2FA has been widely applied and easy to use nowadays. Typically, you only need to install the 2FA app on your mobile phone and complete simple registration process, you can then authorize the account login when necessary.
  • Can I adjust the frequency of checking? Although some accounts are required to perform an authorization operation each time user logs in or performs a specific operation, in many cases, 2FA will provide some convenient features. For example, the default authorization feature, usually the user is not required to authorize again when logging in the browser of the same computer within the preset time after the first authorization operation is completed. However, DO NOT enable any default authorization feature on a public computer.
  • Which accounts should I protect with 2FA? In fact, it is recommended to initiate 2FA for all accounts as much as possible, and it is recommended to protect the following accounts first:
    • User account for work purpose, of course, you must comply with some data protection related laws and data protection policies, guidelines and procedures of your organization.
    • Financial accounts: Protect your money!
    • Online shopping accounts: Protect usage of your stored credit card information!
    • Social media accounts and email accounts: Protect your personal reputation in case your identity is compromised!