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Are you always ready to protect important data?

With the increasing storage of data on computer devices, especially under the popularity of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and notebook computer, etc. their intrinsic value and portability are likely to be the targets of criminals. We would like to provide you with the below tips to protect your information to a certain extent in case your mobile device is stolen or lost.

  • Encrypt sensitive information. Add a layer of protection to your files by using the built-in encryption tools included on your computer’s operating system (e.g., BitLocker or FileVault).
  • Protect your mobile devices and backup data! Make sure that you have performed data backup for each device, and you can safely lock or wipe all data through remote operation whenever necessary. In addition, data backup can be used not only for data restoration, but also for identifying lost data accurately, facilitating reports and appropriate actions for data with security risks.
  • Never leave your devices unattended in a public place or office. Your device should not be exposed when it is left in the car, place it inside the cabinet. In addition, please be aware that the high temperature inside the car after parking may damage your device.
  • Protect your devices with password. By enabling passwords, PINs, fingerprint scans, or other forms of authentication, you can have more time to remotely wipe your device if it is stolen or lost. Also, do not enable the options that allow your computer to remember your passwords.
  • Put that shredder to work! Make sure to shred the documents with any personal, medical, financial, or other sensitive data before throwing them away.
  • Be smart about recycling or disposing of old computers and mobile devicesDestroy the data in your computer’s hard drive properly before disposing the old computers. Use the factory reset option on your mobile devices and erase or remove SIM and storage cards.
  • Verify app permissions. Don’t forget to review an app’s specifications and privacy permission before installing it!
  • Be cautious about public Wi-Fi hot spots. Avoid performing financial or other sensitive transactions while connected to public Wi-Fi hot spots.
  • Keep your software up to date. If the vendor releases updates for the software operating your device, install them as soon as possible, so that it can prevent attackers from being able to take advantage of the known problems or vulnerability.

In case your laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen, please consider to report to the police and keep the police report. If the lost device contained sensitive information of the University, staff or student information, please report the lost or situation to the University immediately, so that the related action can be taken as soon as possible.