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The Cybersecurity Law is now in effect. Are you ready for it?

Information technology was developed rapidly in recent year. With the development of artificial intelligence and 5G networks, some technologies that seemed to be impossible before have gradually entered the lives of everyone, which also show the importance of information technology services. Especially during the anti‑epidemic period in recent months, public’s dependence on IT services has become more obvious, and information security has become a topic of discussion. Hence, the requirements on information security will become higher.

With the effective of the Macao Cybersecurity Law, in accordance with the relevant regulation, the University must ensure that information networks, computer systems and data are protected properly, and strengthen the alert and response towards information security incidents. ICTO will continue to safeguard the information security for our campus network, and cooperate with the Cybersecurity Incident Alert and Response Centre in order to fulfill the reporting obligations, including reporting information security incidents and providing updated Internet service information (such as the account name for connecting to the Internet service provider, IP address, domain name and other related information.)

In addition, if you need to setup IT facilities or providing IT services in UM, you are obliged to ensure that the provided services are secure and reliable. Therefore, please note the following:

  • Make sure the operating system and application are updated to the latest version to ensure the maximum protection;
  • Pay attention to the system default setting whether it is secure or not, including initial passwords, permission and system services;
  • Enable any information security measures, system logging and perform backup for important data;
  • For outsourced IT services, you must also ensure that their provided services meet the relevant requirements ofthe Cybersecurity Law ;
  • If you need to change the network architecture or encounter an information security incident, you must inform ICTO*.

* Note: ICTO will be responsible for implementing the above reporting obligations for UM in accordance with the Cybersecurity Law. The detail information will be announced in due course.

Besides service providers must pay attention to information security. In fact, it is also the responsibility of each user. Users must always maintain security awareness in order to build a secure IT environment.