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Information Security Team (IST)


Formed in 2015 the Information Security Team (IST) consists of three senior staff members who have broad knowledge of IT systems and security. It aims to enhance the communication and coordination between units to prevent, detect and respond to cyber security incidents effectively. The team reports directly to the Director of ICTO.

Role and Responsibilities

IST provides guidance and advice for members of the University regarding information security at the University and is charged with mitigating risk through the development and maintenance of the following areas of endeavor:

  • Information technology security strategy
  • Information technology policies and best practices
  • Information technology security training and awareness programs
  • Ongoing risk assessments and compliance tasks

IST strives to balance

  • Confidentiality – to keep private matters private
  • Integrity – to assure that information is complete and accurate
  • Availability – to have timely and reliable access to information

Team Members

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