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Web Hosting

Web Hosting for Department

UM Web Content Management System (WebCMS) is a user-friendly and highly customizable system. Users can easily update and publish information to web without knowing too much about the techniques of writing web pages. It is opened to departments and academic units for any websites establishment.

UM URL Shortener

The UM URL Shortener at go.um.edu.mo can shorten the long URL into a link with 8 characters. It makes the links to be easier to share to others. Users can create these shorten links through the web interface at go.um.edu.mo.

Video On-Demand (VOD)

VOD enables users to retrieve and play the videos instantly through computer network. After the videos of lectures, conferences, forums, seminars, demonstrations or course materials have been encoded into the supported video format, anyone can simultaneously access the same piece of information from anywhere any time.

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