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ICTO is responsible for building up and managing the network infrastructure of the whole UM campus. Our campus network is connected by high-speed fibers across all buildings. Wired and wireless network services are available for all UM members. Facility Management Network is set up for connecting smart devices for smart campus management purpose. We provide SSL VPN service for accessing UM internal resources with web browsers or SSL VPN client in a secure way.


ICTO maintains a fast and reliable Internet infrastructure connecting to the Internet world through local service provider. All users connected to campus network can have access to Internet. In order to ensure reasonable use of Internet resources, the Internet speed will be dynamically allocated depending on actual usage and priority will be given to work purpose (e.g. teaching and learning activities, online meeting etc.).

SSL VPN enables you to access the UM Intranet resources from Internet with web browsers or a SSL VPN client in a secure way.
Wired Network Service

ICTO provides wired network connectivity across the campus at offices, laboratories, student living areas. To get connected, you need to login with UMPASS ID and password. Once connected, you can access the University’s network based resources and services.

Wireless Network Service

ICTO provides wireless network connectivity and mainly covering all classrooms, offices, canteens, student hostels (two rooms shared one Access Point), staff quarters (living room and one of the rooms), indoor common areas, some outdoor squares and bus stop.

Network Connection and Domain Name for Servers

If you need to setup new public/local server or apply domain name, please refer to this link for application procedure.

Campus Network Performance Report

You are welcome to fill in the Campus Network Performance Report Form through ICTO – IT Service Management System, click “Browse categories”, select “Network” and “Campus Network Performance Report”. The report will be followed up, analyzed and for the wired and wireless network services improvement reference.

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