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Academic Computing Facilities

Classroom Computer

Some classrooms of BOC Centennial Building (E3) and Anthony Lau Building (E4) are equipped with a classroom computer, which is used as a supplement device with commonly used software and Internet ready for instructional presentations to facilitate teaching in the classrooms.

Computer Room

A standardized information technology learning environment is for conducting general education and computer literacy related courses. Mplus (Teaching Assistant Tool) is installed for classroom control. It is easy to check the available computer in ICTO computer rooms by checking here. To book the computer room for conducting computer related classes, please submit reservation request here UM Resource Booking System.

Fast Access Computer

Fast access computer provides a convenient way for the user to print out their document by using Follow-You Printing service.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Room

Optical Mark Recognition Room equipped with high speed scanner and computer installed with OMR software package, scan remark on the form and perform statistics, scoring and data analysis.

Personal Multimedia Computer Room

Personal multimedia computer room is equipped with professional software and hardware. Student and staff can edit and do the post-production on multimedia as well as output them into computer and Internet playable format.

Service Counter in Central Teaching Building (E6) Learning Commons

It provides general computing support, personal multimedia computer room loan service in order to support the students’ activities inside.

Staff Commons

Staff Commons at Central Teaching Building (E6) is set up for academic staff who want to make a short break before or after their classes.

Virtual Computer Room

Virtual Computer Room provides a virtual computing environment for teaching and learning purpose. It allows students and staff to access the specialized software from their own personal computer or mobile device remotely. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Desktop Service (VDS)

Virtual desktop service (VDS), referred as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It allows users to access another operating system without changing the settings on their own computers.

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