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Data Sharing & Storage

Document Management System (ShareDM)

The SharePoint for Document Management (ShareDM) is provided by ICTO for University staff to store and share official documents and files within Intranet, which is implemented based on Microsoft SharePoint.

File Sharing

A share folder enables users storing and sharing documents files among group of users.

Home Directory

Home Directory is a network disk folder which allows users to save the files and retrieve them in another PC after logged on to the UMPASS.

PC Data Recovery

It is a basic backup service for each UMPASS user to prevent the lost of files from desktop and notebook computer. Users can duplicate a copy of the important files from local hard disk to Network Backup Folder for backup purpose.

UM Drive

UMDrive is a on-premises cloud storage system. It provides UM staff a storage space where they can upload, access, synchronize and share the files  in campus or out of the campus.
The system determines the access by user’s department and files permission setting. Through the permission settings, user can establish file sharing space between different working groups. It allows users easily and securely access and share files on any device, anytime and anywhere.

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