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Information Management Section (IMS)

Our Vision

To be one of the most reliable partners of the UM administrative departments and provide them the quality service.


  • Provision of the development of the University core administrative information systems;
  • Provision of the application and technical support services for the University core administrative functions;
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure of core administrative information systems.


  • To develop service-oriented information systems;
  • To promote the full use of existing IT resources in administrative departments;
  • To ensure our products and services are compatible with UM directions;
  • To enable our products and services to meet the evolving needs of departments;
  • To ensure the reliability of our information systems by delivering them with good performance, high availability and high security.

Major Administrative Information Systems / Services and Projects

Section Members

Responsible For

Infrastructure System and Technologies

Setup, develop and maintain the information system infrastructure adopted by IMS.

Administrative Information System Development Services

Develop and maintain the core business administrative information systems for the University:

  • Understand the University core administrative businesses information and processes;
  • Gather and analyze business and user requirements;
  • Advise the business design with Information Technologies;
  • Design and develop the secured and reliable information systems to streamline the administrative procedures;
  • Adopt the industry best practices for enterprise information systems.

Quality Assurance & Applications Support Services

Quality Assurance & Applications Support team serves in the following areas:

  • Quality assurance on system development
  • Application support
  • Delegation setting
  • User account management
  • Technical support for web page authoring
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