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Teaching, Learning & Research

Quick Start to eLearning for Teachers

ICTO provides some useful eLearning quick start tips for teachers to follow.

Quick Start to eLearning for Students

ICTO provides some distance learning useful tutorials for students.


Community provides various activity modules for assisting in managing attendance records and facilitating information sharing for academic research projects.


ePortfolio allows users to record and share evidence of learning. It provides functions of blogs, social networking and learning records.

High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC)

The purpose of HPC Cluster is to provide high performance computing resources that an individual computer cannot provide. It allows users to run the computational jobs on those connected computers at the same time (known as parallel computing) to achieve higher processing performance.


UMMoodle provides a space for teachers to post teaching materials and conduct online activities. Staff can have self-learning, online-testing, and lecture discussions, submit assignments and check their learning progress.


YuJa is a video content management system that integrates with UMMoodle.

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