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Academic Computing and Technology Services Section (ACTS)

Our Vision

To be one of the more reliable partners of the UM departments, providing the adequate IT facilities and professional services for teaching, learning and research activities;


  • To provide information technology (IT) facilities for general teaching, learning and research activities;
  • To explore and promote the use of most suitable IT in the University;
  • To adopt or develop IT systems that facilitate the management of teaching and living facilities in campus.


  • To study and explore the latest IT continuously;
  • To provide best suitable facilities and services to users;
  • To ensure professionalism and quality in IT services to users;
  • To facilitate the effective use of IT resources to improve the efficiency in both academic and campus management aspects.


  • Provision and support e-Learning system, explore modern teaching technology, continuously improve  the learning experience for students;
  • Provision of the HPCC and other computing facilities for learning and research purpose;
  • Adoption of IT systems to assist in daily work and the management of teaching and living facilities;
  • Maintenance of infrastructures and platforms for core administrative information systems, enhance the security for existing systems;
  • Provision of consultation service to the academic units for acquisition of IT facilities.

Section Members

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