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Account & Access

Email Address

All eligible users entitled UM Email Services will have an unique email address for communication.

Identity and Access Management

ICTO provides identity and access management service for authenticating web-based application. The connected applications can authenticate users by a single login page which provided by this service. After users login by their PC LAN user ID and password, our system will verify their identities and thus allow or deny access to the protected resources.

UM@Connect Email Alias

Users on UM@Connect can apply for a customized email alias to supplement the email address with User ID. An alias can provide users with a more meaningful email address for external communication. Then, the email address becomes easier to read, write, and remember.


UMPASS is universal login credential for accessing various services and applications you use every day.

User Accounts

A valid user account is required  to access a wide range of central computing services provided by ICTO, including administrative information systems, campus network, email, data storage, teaching and learning systems, and other resources.

User ID and Password

User ID is the unique personal identifier in all the University’s computer systems. All users will be assigned with a User ID to access ICTO computing services.