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Service Overview

YuJa is a video content management system that integrates with UMMoodle. Teachers can create channels for their courses and share teaching recordings, videos, and other teaching materials with their students on YuJa. YuJa offers auto-captioning services that support English, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, etc. Teachers can easily generate captions for their uploaded videos on YuJa. Teachers can also make video quizzes with YuJa and integrate the grades with the UMMoodle grade book. Moreover, teachers can also have statistics on the viewing behavior of the uploaded videos which helps teachers to have a better understanding and review on the students’ learning activities.

Getting started


Go to https://ummoodle.um.edu.mo or https://um.yuja.com

Course group channel creation

  • Only teachers can create a course group channel on YuJa. To create a course group channel, teachers can visit their UMMoodle course and create a YuJa channel activity from the activity list.

Please find the followings for more information:


Eligible Users

  • Staff and Students

Service Available Hours

  • Mon – Sun
    24 hours

Service Support Hours

  • Mon – Thu
    09:00 – 13:00
    14:00 – 17:45
  • Fri
    09:00 – 13:00
    14:00 – 17:30


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