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Are you always ready to protect your mobile devices?

Mobile phones, tablets, and notebook computers have always provided us with the convenience of working anywhere, anytime, and at the same time brought some additional security risks. These mobile devices make storage and information access easy on one hand, but are easily lost or stolen on the other hand. Do you know what to do if your device is lost or stolen? Here are some information security tips for you:

  • Secure your devices. Use a password or fingerprint to secure your device to avoid unauthorized access;
  • Turn on the “Find Me” function. If your device has a “Find Me” as well as remote deactivation and wipe features, make sure they are enabled to avoid data loss or being stolen.
  • Protect your data. Perform data backup regularly and consider enabling encryption feature for your device; (Please refer to “Data loss happens all the time. Do you have a data backup plan?“)
  • Update any software, including anti-virus protection, to make sure you are running the most secure version available. Avoid downloading and installing software from unknown sites;
  • Do not ignore the physical security measures of the devices.
    • Cover the camera of your laptop or mobile device to protect your privacy if necessary;
    • Label you devices with basic contact information in case they are lost;
    • Write it down! Record the manufacturer, model, serial numbers of your mobile devices, contact information that can provide support;
    • In case your device is stolen, please consider reporting to police and keep the police report as well.