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Information Security Tips (September 2022) – Be careful with suspicious messages!

Regarding the recent suspicious messages about the withdrawal of epidemic prevention subsidies with the respective link, the Social Welfare Bureau clarifies that it was a fraudulent message, and the case has been reported to the Judiciary Police.

The Social Welfare Bureau reminds the public to be careful about this fraudulent message. If you receive similar message, please be alert and DO NOT believe it. DO NOT click the link and DO NOT provide any personal information. You should report to the Judiciary Police if you encounter similar case.

Sample of the fraudulent message

(Original in Chinese, translated version for reference only)

In addition, some users have also received phishing email about the withdrawal of social insurance subsidies in Mainland China.

Sample of the phishing email

(Original in Chinese, translated version for reference only)

ICTO would like to remind you that phishing attempt can be recognised by users who stay vigilant when they come across the following common characteristics of phishing messages and emails:

    • It involves imitating a trusted official and trick users to click on malicious links.
    • It may contain important notice which requires immediate actions, conveys messages of threat or gives an offer that is too good to be true (e.g. free overseas trip ticket).
    • It may contain shortened Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).
    • It may copy official contents such as texts, logos, and contact information to make it look genuine.

Responding to phishing message attacks

    • DON’T arbitrarily forward the phishing message. Mass messaging indiscriminately will lead to abuse. Spreading fake news or rumor, it may violate the relevant laws.
    • Delete or block the phishing message immediately to prevent from accessing the malicious contents again.
    • Report the case to the Judiciary Police if criminal activities and leakage of personal data are involved respectively.

ICTO will introduce some other types of Phishing in the next issue of information security tips.