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Information Security Tips (August 2023) – Beware of Scammers Exploiting AI Techniques

Recently, there have been reports of scammers using artificial intelligence (AI) deep fake technique for fraudulent activities, including creating fake news to promote investment schemes or manipulating videos to impersonate celebrities and deceive victims into participation of false investment activities. It is also possible that scammers may use similar techniques to impersonate your friends or family members during video conferences or voice calls for phishing scams.

There are few steps to protect yourself from phishing scams:

  1. Stay vigilant and calm:
    • Keep composure when dealing with urgent requests, especially those involving financial transactions or investment request. Be particularly cautious if someone claiming to be a “friend” requesting money transfer in the video or audio recording.
  2. Verify identities:
    • When it comes to financial transactions or personal information, always verify the identity of the other party. Confirm the identities of the friends, family, or relevant institutions through independent channels and the authenticity of their requests.
  3. Watch for inconsistencies:
    • Attempt to verify the other party’s identity through casual conversation, as scammers may reveal inconsistencies.
  4. Protect personal information:
    • Besides personal data, do not provide biometric data such as facial recognition, fingerprints, or voice samples.
  5. Don’t blindly trust online information:
    • This includes messages labeled as “Fact Checked” or “Confirmed.” If you suspect it to be false information, avoid sharing it and consult the relevant authorities for verification.

Although criminals may change their fraudulent methods from time to time, their goal remains the same: to deceive users into revealing their account credentials, personal information, or money. By staying vigilant and remembering to “Stop and Think! Do Fact Check!”, you can protect yourself from phishing scams.