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Information Security Tips (April 2023) – Don’t overlook the importance of patching vulnerabilities in your home network devices

Security updates and vulnerability patches are important because they ensure that your device is protected from various threats, and attackers constantly seek new vulnerabilities to exploit with new technologies. Therefore, software on your device needs to be updated regularly to maintain security and prevent attackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities to attack your computer and network devices or steal sensitive information.

Here are several ways to ensure that your device has the latest security updates and vulnerability patches:

  • Develop good habits: Before installing updates or changing settings, please read the installation instructions and precautions provided by the vendor, and perform data backup as well.
  • Check for updates manually on a regular basis:
    • Choose an appropriate time to update your devices manually to avoid disrupting your work or other activities.
    • If you need to work outside, it is recommended to perform necessary updates in advance using your company or home network to avoid the risk of intrusion on public networks or incurring high data charges when using mobile data.
  • Enable automatic updates: Automatic updates can make up for the shortcomings of manual updates and improve security as well.
  • Download software only from trusted sources: Only download software and applications from trusted vendors to avoid downloading malware or malicious programs.
  • Update all software and applications: Not just the operating system, but all applications and software should be updated, including web browsers, antivirus software, and more.
  • Update hardware firmware: Do not overlook home network devices such as home routers, network-attached storage (NAS), smart homes, and home surveillance cameras, etc.
  • Don’t ignore small updates: Do not ignore minor updates as they may also contain critical security updates and vulnerability patches.
  • Stay aware of vulnerability disclosures: Pay attention to whether there are known security vulnerabilities in your devices and software, and respond and patch them in a timely manner

Security updates and vulnerability patches are important to protect your devices and data. Regularly checking and installing updates and patches is one of the best ways to ensure that your device is protected from various threats. If you have any questions, you can consult your service or product vendor.