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Information Security Tips (May 2023) – Quishing Attack

“Quishing” or “QR code phishing” is a type of phishing attack. When a user scans the QR code, he/she will then access the phishing website. Since a QR code is an image, current security measures may not be able to detect it as a threat. “Quishing” may therefore become a new normal in the future.

Safety Tips of Using QR code:

  1. Mobile payment:
    • Verify the information carefully in the mobile app before making any payment in any transaction with QR code. After transaction, verify the transaction details sent by the bank or mobile payment service provider immediately.
    • Do not share or disclose the QR codes generated by mobile payment services to others.
  2. Website redirection:
    • Stay alert before scanning QR codes and do not scan any codes from unknown sources.
    • Turn off the QR code scanner’s automatic URL redirection function. Once you turn it off, the scanner will show the URL content and request you to confirm if to open the URL or not.
  3. Account login:
    • Only scan account authentication QR codes in the official websites.
    • Contact the service providers immediately for any unusual login records